Reading Room Policies

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Please review the general reading room rules, camera use policy, and copyright policy.

  1. Researchers must complete and sign a Researcher Registration Form once each academic year (July 1-June 30) and provide acceptable identification (driver’s license or other photo ID) prior to use of the collections. Researchers must sign the register once daily during every visit.
  2. All backpacks, purses, coats, and other personal items are to be placed in lockers inside the reading room.
  3. Smoking, eating, or drinking are prohibited around materials. All cell phones and electronic devises must be turned to silent mode in the reading room.
  4. Materials may only be used in the reading room. Stacks are closed and materials do not circulate.
  5. The researcher must accept responsibility for carefully handling all materials made available. Manuscripts and books may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced over or handled in any way that may damage them. All manuscripts must be kept on the surface of the table. For certain materials, it may be necessary to wear gloves provided by SCRC staff.
  6. Notes must be taken in pencil on loose leaf paper. SCRC supplies loose leaf paper to researchers requiring it. The use of ink is prohibited. Special arrangements may be made for the use of scanners, sound recording devices, etc.
  7. Researchers must fill out a “call slip” or request for materials form. Researchers may be restricted to using only one book or box of materials at a time. All materials must be kept in the order in which they are found in each folder. Folders must likewise be kept in the order in which they are found in each box.
  8. SCRC staff will consider requests for limited reproduction of materials when such duplication can be done without injury to the material and when such duplication does not violate donor agreements or copyright law. The entirety or significant portions of books or collections will not be copied. If you wish to request copies, please fill out the appropriate copy request form. See Fee Schedule for information regarding charges. Reproduction of any item must contain a complete citation to the original. Adherence to all Copyright Act provisions is the responsibility of the researcher.
  9. Photocopies are for personal research needs, and are not to be further reproduced without written permission of SCRC. COPIES ARE NOT TO BE PLACED IN ANOTHER INSTITUTION OR GIVEN TO ANOTHER RESEARCHER.
  10. It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure permission from both SCRC and the holders of copyright of material in the collections before publication or display. Permission to photocopy does not constitute permission to publish the copied item.
  11. A published work using SCRC materials, must acknowledge this source. Citation should take the following form: [item], [collection title], Special Collections Research Center, Southern Illinois University Carbondale. “Published work,” used here, refers to seminar or term papers, theses, dissertations, journal articles, monographs, books, electronic or other forms prepared for a limited or general public.
  12. Some items are stored off-site and require up to 24 hours to be pulled. For these items, please contact a staff member before your visit. Researchers may reserve the materials they are still using for the following day.