Exhibits Policy

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Morris Library Hall of Presidents and Chancellors exhibit cases may occasionally be used by the university community to display collections; to demonstrate the activities of the university, the library, and the surrounding regions; and to graphically present topics of interest to the academic community. Preference will be given to displays that document or show the history and research interests of the University.

Special Collections Research Center at Morris Library coordinates, schedules, and supervises the planning of the displays. For further information, call Dr. Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm, Associate Dean and Director of SCRC, at 618/453-1452.

Displays in the rest of Morris Library are arranged through the Exhibits Committee and are governed by a separate policy.


  1. Exhibits should inform or educate the public. They should not advertise commercial products or promote the solicitation of business, for profit, or for fundraising. Morris Library encourages exhibits from a variety of perspectives, and respects the exhibitors' right to freedom of expression. However, the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors exhibit cases may not be used to promote a current political candidate or agenda, or to promote intolerance for groups or individuals.
  2. Applications to mount an exhibit, including how many cases will be utilized, should be submitted to the Director of Special Collections at least two (2) months before the proposed exhibition date. Each case is 66" high x 45" wide x 14" deep.
  3. Applications will be considered according to their intellectual content, originality, design plan, and appropriateness of subject matter. The Director reserves the right to review each exhibit and to require changes in keeping with these guidelines, as well as to specify the duration of the exhibit. Most exhibits are mounted on the first day of the month and are displayed for two months. There must be signage in the case indicating the group, program or department sponsoring the exhibit; as well as, wording that states, “The views are of the organization represented and do not necessarily represent those of Morris Library.”
  4.  If the exhibitor wishes to have an event at the Library to celebrate the exhibit, this must be applied for and scheduled with the Library Administration separately from the exhibit.
  5. If the exhibit requires research in the SCRC, the exhibit personnel must follow SCRC reading room policies and procedures.
  6. The SCRC will maintain documentation of ownership of all items from the rare book collections on exhibit in the form of complete catalog records and/or photographs.
  7. All items from the rare book collections mounted in exhibits will first be marked for security according to the SCRC guidelines.
  8. In preparing materials for an exhibit, clearly state the purpose of the exhibit and appropriately label all items. Morris Library encourages you to request signs and labels through Morris Library’s graphic designer. Our graphic designer can help you plan the layout of your exhibit and prepare materials, including a title banner, text blocks, and graphics. To request this help, please submit a complete Work Order form at least one (1) month before the exhibit is to be mounted. This form is available from the graphic designer or director of the Special Collections Research Center upon request.
  9. The exhibitor is responsible for collecting and preparing all materials for display, and for mounting and dismantling the exhibit, except in cases in which SCRC materials are to be used. If the exhibitor would like to use original SCRC materials in the exhibit, he or she must first consult the relevant archivist or librarian, and SCRC personnel will mount and dismantle the items. It may not be possible to use original materials, so it is important to consult the SCRC staff in advance.
  10. The exhibitor must make arrangements to obtain the display case key from the Director of Special Collections at the time of mounting the exhibit. The key must never leave the library, and must be returned to the Director when the mounting is complete. If the exhibit is to be mounted in more than one phase, the key must be returned at the end of each phase. The same rules apply to dismounting the exhibit.
  11. All cases are locked and monitored by security cameras in the hall, but the Special Collections Research Center and Library Affairs are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen materials.
  12. Give two weeks notice to Special Collections if the exhibit is being cancelled.
  13. When dismantling the exhibit, all materials must be removed from the case by the exhibitor.


To propose an exhibit, please write an email message to the Director of Special Collections at speccoll@lib.siu.edu. The proposal should contain the following information:

  1. Name of sponsoring person or group, and affiliation to SIUC
  2. Description of the proposed exhibit including its proposed size and kinds of materials
  3. Desired dates for installation and dismantling

The Director will review the proposal and ask an Archivist/Librarian to review it for suitability.

Special Collections Research Center will notify the sponsor of approval or rejection of the proposal, the approved dates and location.


Adopted April 2009